Monday, May 18, 2009

Half Marathon!

OK, I've gone and done something crazy. I am doing a half marathon in less than a month. I've always wanted to try this out, but now I am concerned that I may not make it. I have been training and have been running, a lot. But I would take any advice thay anyone has to offer. Let me know your thoughts on training and making it through 13 miles!


Jenny Kapp said...

Yeah, my advice is just keep moving! That is very ambitious! I would love to run with you if I wasn't puking my guts out!! I do understand, it is on the list! Good luck!

Lisa said...

I have lots of advice. I will call you and tell you what I know. I wish I could be up there to do it with you.

Kristie said...

Good job dude! I think it takes alot of guts to even contemplate a half marathon. I will just be the cheerleader if you dont mind.